In news of new network Shanghai on September 21 report (Gao Fei) be worth world clean day (World Cleanup Day) , the mobile theme this year is ” the earth reduces useless plan ” . Carry Cheng 21 days to be started in Beijing ” Ji little Cheng is much ” the action, area of 73 department view participates in associ福州金山君安桑拿ated China jointly, the rubbish classification that pays close attention to for the society, cleanness and environmental protection problem introduce viatic setting. Area of scene of Chinese each district is about to greet busy season of National Day travel, “Ji little Cheng is much ” the support that carries Cheng to decreased useless action to acquire numerous scene division, if happy much harbor surpris上海余山世茂深坑酒店es,beautiful sea of riverside of unreal Eden, week, Sai Mengwei shrinks world · hundred years outside beach, stage Haichang of garden of wild animal of Zhuang Gu city, Shenzhen, Qingdao is polar emperor of marine park, Dalian inferior marine world, . On September 21 – during October 7, carry Cheng and picking up China to establish commonweal to show a site quickly in relevant scene area, encourage a tourist to participate in rubbish picking up, conveniently to take rubbish a variety of environmental protection such as classification of downhill, rubbish act. 24小时足浴奉贤The tourist still can land clean day of world of the APP that carry Cheng ” Ji little Cheng is much ” a松江东鼎ktvrea of the special subject on the line, participate in rubbish knowledge to challenge little game. In clean day, the actor of nearly 20静安中心ktv star such as Zhang Jun Ning, Liu Yan, Ou Yangjing, He Junxiong appeals everybody participates in world clean day jointly. The public can take much # of little Cheng of Ji of topic word # through small gain, upload photograph of world clean day or short video, let more factitious earths decrease useless. Sponsor just predict to will 1 million tourist participates in an activity, reduce viatic rubbish 1000 tons, become national first wholesale scene division reduces useless combination operation. Travel of the group that carry Cheng plays flood peak of government of happy presiding business affairs to express: “Green water green hill, hard-earned, carry out the viatic fashion that can last, just let iti上海油压关门2017nerary happening more is good. We are willing the collaboration that with the whole nation each great respect area explores more level together. ”   regards banner OTA as the enterprise, carry Cheng to be advanced c宝山区浴场ea奉贤ktv荤场子招聘selessly can travel continuously. On September 3, the brigade that carry Cheng parades as global brigade course of study is represented, suffer invite the whole world that joins England to breath out li of prince to initiate to be able to travel continuously proposal ” Trava上海常德路情趣用品店lyst ” . Aim to travel through encouraging tourism group practice to be able to last, protect travel destination and promote local development. Before this, carry Cheng and world natural foundation (WWF) signs cooperative memorandum, in development the domain such as zoology journey product develops exploration and practice. Carry Cheng driving oneself to be able to last while the journey is carried out, affect the partner on platform actively also. According to statistic, its金山娱乐官方下载 the cooperative company commitment of 75% abides by the 4R proposal that carries Cheng, namely Reduce (decreases a) , ) of Reuse (recycle, recycle (reclaims) resource, regenerate (second birth) travel ecosystem. (Be over)



In news of new network Shanghai on September 23 report (prince billows) early morning, hour hand just passed at 7 o’clock, mo Qingyong has been resided appoint meeting office. Retire as return the old secretary that hire, the village that the metropolis before he goes to work everyday holds a post first walks along circuit, talk about the daily life of a family with the dweller of come-and-go, arrange f上海徐汇区有什么好玩的浴场ine house to the office again appoint the job that meets a day. Before 9 o’clock, not celebrate brave to be able to return him the 2nd advocate — ” new macrobian job appoint meeting job office ” . As the controller of the office, mo Qingyong has been street and famous ” civilian star ” , be being set in office of street agency three-pair also is lively and extraordinary everyday, the owner that comes round to seek advice, house that learns learn from sb else’s experience appoint meeting secretary, because of course of study appoint the dweller that meeting contradiction seeks mediation, the person that call in in an endless stream. Listen attentively to the上海金御海庭spa person that call in appeal to beg, analyse balance for them, impart to them experience, often saying is most day, do not consider even saliva on drink. No matter be,appeal, no matter the other side comes from which village, mo Qingyong can think of to help his method. This kind reacts quickly and communicate harmonious ability, with Mo Qingyong’s profession experience has very big concern. He ever was the assistant factory director of an enterprise, turn later hillock comes secretary of basic level residential area, be in again now mediate kind organism holds the position of director, controller, rich management and gregarious experience, it is the foundation of controller of his competency office, but in this backside, more it is an ordinary person those who lose sight of is arduous pay, willingly bear the burden of hard works and altruistic dedication. Macrobian road has 35 house inside street area under浦东好乐迪ktv administration appoint can add up to 129 villages, among them public house of village of jumbly high-grade goods room, carry out hind, mix model the much more phyletic community such as the village. The course of study of major village appoint meeting is being faced change reelect, average every month has 3, 4 course of study appoint can put forward to establish application, this job all the time since be regarded as by everybody ” long-standing ” problem. As a result of course of study appoint meet those who involve company of the rights and interests of owner, property supervise and the administration that maintains fund and use, cause all sorts of contradiction very easily in changing a reelecting course so. In November 2018, street community processing advances macrobian distance the center hangs out his shingle formally hold water, among them new macrobian job appoint meeting job office organizes emerge as the times require. The office retires by residential area secretary and community autonomy do professional composition, the purpose hopes to pass their experience and professional double safeguard namely, solid hit dweller of on-the-spot help community to solve a problem. Although hold water time is not long, but the office is reconciling property, trade appoint meeting and owner contradiction respect, already was fruitful. “We had been established completed course of study of area of 29 wife and children appoint meeting, when I came last year, the dweller comes to what the street visits a query on the road more, our altogether welcomed the owner of 124 batch. We recieved 30 batches only first half of the year this year, second half of the year was mixed last year this year first half of the year than, decreased 2/3, so I feel our job is effectual very, very happy. ” not celebrate brave respecting cause every time appoint meeting office accomplishment of this most the year’s harvest when, the metropolis is very proud and proud. However, achievement backside, mo Qingyong also experienced a lot of joys and sorrows of life, those who make his impression the deepest is Su Di Chun Xiaoye appoint can change a vote. The course of study of this village appoint can begin to start from September 2017, but the place that because there is a lot of between the process of property management,is like person meaning very much, cause dweller, property and trade appoint contradiction is very outstanding between the meeting, change an election to be advanced very hard also for a time.奉贤芮嘉水疗 Think back to every time a course of study of dawn of 上海松江区spa会所Su Di spring appoint the whole process that can change a vote, dawn of Su Di spring resides appoint Zhang Wei of secretary of meeting Party branch sighs with emotion extremely: Final, we appeal at macrobian and street course of study appoint meeting atelier, not the secretary offers us a lot of guidance and help, guide us to be built in the party lead how to begin good job appoint can work, teach us how normative one pace course of study appoint the job of the meeting undertakes going down ” char干磨.水磨、三通acter of place of Zhang Wei of no less than, on the mediate that in Su Di Chunxiao contradicts, not celebrate brave pour into a large number of painstaking effort. He listens attentively to owner and course of study patiently appoint can bilateral appeal to beg, have a few times recieve all the time even much at 9 o’clock in the evening. Regard tripartite as organism, mo Qingyong holds to the manner that remain neutral, in Su Di Chunxiao is resided appoint below the assistance of the meeting, he and office everybody issue community a gleam of, collect, arrange the opinion with village the truest owner and aspirations. Hold joint meeting for many times, invite house appoint meeting, course of study appoint delegate of meeting, owner sits to open one’s mind communication. Through the effort of Mo Qingyong and office everybody, the job with new nowadays dawn of Su Di spring appoint meeting team eventually the vote is successful. Course of study of dawn of Su Di spring appoint conference member Xuan Rongkang says: We are in course of study appoint the problem can be being encountered in the election is to ask not secretary, their metropolis not tire of its coach we work irritatedly, very great help gave between voting proc奉贤大唐水疗休闲会所edure to us. The case of dawn of Su Di spring is the epitome that Mo Qingyong works nearly one year only. Walk into new macrobian job appoint meeting job office, of greet is considerably street owner congress establishs macrobian way, course of study appoint can change a ree奉贤南桥皇廷娱乐会所lecting schedule, each course of study appoint conference table Zhang is sleek arrange in the cabinet. On the foundation of a large number of case, mo Qingyong sums up experience to teach a lesson, abstraction went out ” 3+2 ” working law. “3 ” namely thorough basic level, li clear responsibility concerns; Strengthen guidance, normative duty is spent; Intervene ahead of schedule, be on guard contradictory hidden trouble. “2 ” namely check of each other stimulate the menstrual flow, build resource to share a mechanism; Be related first gear, establish effective answer mechanism. “3+2 ” of working law put forward, make office and house appoint the working thinking that meets a secretary is more clear. Course of study appoint what can work is orderly beginning is a village the cornerstone of stable solidarity, the stable solidarity of the village is the solid base that community administers. Mo Qingyong explained the understanding of an old Party member with real operation, for community the job gave indefatigable effort. He is coaching course of study appoint while meeting job is begun, still do not overlook pair of room appoint the young secretaries of the meeting teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution. He uses real operation, with high-spirited fight, with the warm blood of have one’s bosom filled with, guide a person’s mind of office whole body to throw the job, the stable harmony that is community gives light and heat. (Be over)


In new network Shanghai on August 10 report (Xu Mingrui Li Qiuying) recently, a reprint ” cannot forget ” coffee hall has his moment Shanghai. Differ with common coffee hall, 7 employee of this coffee hall are the special young person that has different obstacle, have a plenty of shut disease pedigree obstacle oneself, have a plenty of Tang syndrome, have a plenty of cerebral paralysis, intellective obstacle is spent in still be being had a plenty of… however, the obstacle did not let them suspend pair of jobs and the pursuit that live in上海几个喜来登酒店dependently, they are trying hard for this.  The Yang Ankun that is in charge of greeting guest and outfield to clear is doing the work that welcome guest in the doorway. Xu Mingrui photographs   recently, seek by inquiry goes befo上海金山亭林浴场re the reporter hall of this net red coffee.  Yan Hao is in the coffee that make and garland. Xu Mingrui photographs   to be in charge of greeting the Yang Ankun that guest and outfield clear, it is one shuts disease patient oneself actually. But he is unusually sensi静安洲际酒店 几星级tive to the number, be in charge of replacing client amount on small blackboa松江中山广场桑拿论坛会所电话rd everyday, glad to still can go up a paragraph of a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing. Mention when rubbish is classified, yang Ankun is t青浦区浴场old clear and logical, see rubbish throws garbage can with respect to pick up in, bottle should be thrown can reclaim in dustbin, “Because want rubbish now,classified ” .  Reprint ” cannot forget ” coffee hall has his moment Shanghai. Xu Mingrui photographs   Wu Wei to suffer from intellective obstacle, resemble eldest sister elder sister at ordinary times same very meeting coordinate everybody, it is cafes in rare ” all-pervasive player ” , where is available be short of where to go to ” very ” . That day, what she does is job receiving silver, input dish is tasted, make the series such as the receipt the operation is very skilled. She is laughing to express, bubble of just yesterday society heats up coffee, “It is OK to he is drunk or do a family member to drink ” , can work in cafes very happy.  Full customer is kept in a corner of coffee hall to these ” special staff ” send word. The Yan Hao that Xu Mingrui photographs   to contract Tang syndrome is the coffee division of cafes, he not only can return can delicate garland to bubble coffee. Because like coffee hall, yan Hao often works overtime actively. When leisure, he what do not know staff completely still can play a piano, express feeling. He tells a rep上海浦东新区荤场ktvorter, his ideal becomes cooking home and musician nam普陀山风景区四星酒店ely.  Yan Hao is spiccato when leisure piano. Xu Mingrui photographs   it is reported, this coffee hall is Shanghai Pudong new developed area complementary the working workshop that the student after reading the school to teach level for 9 years of obligation offers a profession to teach, it is the coffee office that Shanghai head home provides supportive sex obtain employment for intelligence obstacle youth.  Wu Wei holds the position of job rece松江 大漠浴场iving silver in cafes. Xu Mingrui photographs Shanghai Pudong new developed area com上海静安香格里拉大酒店plementary read Jin Jianhua of school union chairman to hope, through ” coffee hall ” groom, promoti上海指压油压论坛on learns unripe professional skill, let them can find a proper job in the society, acquire value move, enjoy thereby have dignity, significant life. Operation up to now, coffee hall had welcomed more than 5000 customers. (Be over)



In news of new network Shanghai on August 6 report (reporter Yu Jun) ” month of commonweal of Jin Mao commerce, one beneficial loves art heart go ahead of the rest ” the activity proclaims 5 days in Jin Mao edifice sailing. Out ” rainbow of the art that pull a hand ” the project is made from the picture of the children that shut disease, come from Guizhou southeast the ethical embroider woman of out-of-the-way remote mountains, result from love market — the produce that and other places of help Inner Mongolia, Heibei, Shanxi, Guangxi, Guizhou takes off deficient and tens of Jin Mao, at riverside in assemble of this sorching summer mark sex of Jiang Zhibin is built, share the sensation of a love jointly. August is the commonweal month of Jin Mao commerce, jin Mao commerce organized afterwards to include charity to donate last year, recruit of love sale of work, justice labour, old clothes reclaims after waiting to giv银乐迪ktv虹口龙之梦e birth to the multinomial commonweal activity that sends consideration for remote region poverty, the commonweal month this year will continue to be group of physical disabilities children, impoverished group to provide more helps, give a power for environmental protection. This year ” green gold love goes ” with children + environment上海南美水疗多少钱al protection is carrier for theme, art, through Tecent beneficial yuan contribute picture, medium change classification of love market, remote mountains market, rubbish to kiss child day and Jin Mao松江陈坊桥浴场hui draw commonweal to exhibit etc to shut disease children oneself collect of group, impoverished group is helped. Commonweal month activity got in change group, China Jin Mao, medium change the sources of energy, medium fossil oil, Tecent is big explain charity of foundation of charity of net, Shanghai, Shanghai is taught groom center, according to article · China of manual lane support energetically. Group group is turned in appoint secretary, help deficient up to do vice director Mao Kuobo to show up on a special trip congratulation, he expresses in change a group to regard the whole world as look forward to of center of 500 powerful state-owned and large key members, devote oneself to to help deficient cause for years. He is right this second in change a group to cross edition piece linkage, the commonweal month that produces company dominant position jointly thankses. Ding Rui of general manager of business of assistant of Chinese Jin Mao’s president, Jin Mao is welcoming speak of in demit, this commonweal month activity came true to include in the department of group inside and outside that turns group and Chinese Jin Mao board 莱阳金山国际酒店招聘piece linkage, and the agile engraft with social natural resources,上海杨浦区ktv好玩的 build the beneficent platform that removed expanse, aid the great progress of force commonweal career and progress. “Green gold love goes ” commonweal activity, it is responsibility place not only, also be affection institute department. Graph: Tecent ” beneficial yuan contribute a picture ” art exhibition. “Beneficial yuan contribute a picture ” medium ” rainbow of the art that pull a hand ” the project starts from 2013, base oneself upon at ” give a person at fishing ” , the innovation of special child expands care and obtain employment of grow into useful timber, help strength their earn one’s own living. At the same time together college and special school cross bound collaboration, education and enterprise pull a hand, build the service platform that develops originality person with ability. The small movie that the spot broadcasted Jin Mao commerce to abstain ” the child of star ” , by the Shanghai charity that accompanies this project to grow for years education is groomed the thing that oneself find to like in the process that if why drawing,teacher of calm of central grandson Xu closes disease children oneself to everybody introduction, open heart door leaf, brave expression, touched those present people. The ceremony that start arranged 2 dimension to pile up the link that contribute a picture, everybody raises a mobile phone to sweep a code in succession, the work that shuts disease child oneself for these aids force to cheer. According to handiwork of article · China the remote mountains market of lane joins this commonweal month. The Chin金山国际娱乐怎么注册ese manual mill that already had 16 years of histories is collected arranged tradition of more than 5000 kinds of nations the information of grain appearance and woman of on 10 thousand embroider, built ethical handmade to commercialize platform — remote mountains market, with ” see a person, see thing, see the life ” extend bargainor pattern, make woman of remote mountains embroider can him lean craft raises the home, the craft that lets the aesthetic manner that ethical artisan stands fast and for generations inheritance got consumptive a times to pass on. Graph: Stall of market of spot remote mountains has a variety of manual products to offer everybody choose and buy. The embroider mother that comes from Guizhou southeast lives in the depth of barren big hill drape all the time长宁水疗会所, their inheritance is worn the craft of ancestors, with the most primitive creativity and imagination, relating the story of Miao Zu, recording fine fine long hair to finish now, the world that Shui Guangliu turns. In mobile spot, they show all sorts of manual skill not only, prepared embroider purposely to have the hand link of traditional lines appearance for each honored guest, establish ties in order to love all. Embroider women say, very glad and organic meeting walks out of big hill, will to the city reveal their culture. And the white-collars of edifice of come-and-go Jin Mao watch embroider woman to perform besides the spot, still can buy product of elegant remote mountains market, dress up for oneself ” the state is current ” summer. Graph: The group is changed to come for years in all the time active the forefront that strands in the side that help deficient up. Love market is influenced in by in change the sources of energy, medium limited company of fossil oil sale and in limited company of fossil oily Shanghai founds jointly. Focusing takes off assignment of goal of deficient assault fortified positions, develop company dominant position, the intention, develop commonweal activity with affection, emphatically. More than 20 kinds of products of this sale of work, come from and other places of Inner Mongolia, Heibei, Shanxi, Guangxi, Guizhou. Included the characteristic food such as fruit juice, dried fruit to get of white-collars chase after ardently hold in both hands. Graph: Love market assemble is changed in a variety of popular goods. Jin Mao ” luxuriant growth ” picture commonweal exhibits the childre闵行南美水疗三楼价格n that collected owner of a few Jin Mao to be drawn, they are mixed with paintbrush strange think of clever want to depict give a lovely w上海静安区k族ktvorld, every picture is made already obtained young writer accredit to have commonweal sale, money of earning be apt to is used at children commonweal career entirely. Shanghai charity foundation regards the commonweal of this second activity as the partner, the acceptance of responsible money and contribute piece. This second make one’s rounds is exhibited outside LIFE of Shanghai J · and north LIFE of beach J · parts Nanjing Jin Mao still will be landed to collect in succession after exhibiting, Changsha sees beautiful city and and other places of bay of Qingdao Jin Mao. Graph: Children ascend Jin Mao 88. The ceremony that start that day, the volunteers of Jin Mao commerce move back and forth busy in the crowd, introduce item on display to everybody, share commonweal story; Shanghai is small the children of jade-like stone star were performed ” best future ” ; Still have what comprise by special children ” astral line hits philharmonic society ” special performance strikes happy show; 88 sightseeing hall arranged Jin Mao volunteers ascend a top with children, general view Shen Chengqun is beautiful. Chinese Jin Mao is the world one of 500 strong companies convert the estate below group division and public house in China board piece platform enterprise. 2019 is Chinese Jin Mao ” urban operation year ” , chinese Jinmao was released brand-new upgrade the strategy, exert oneself makes commercial IP Jin Mao ” see beautiful wall ” — it is shopping centers not just, be company town progress more ” inside unripe engine ” . Jin Mao commerce extends domain steadily, from ” happy enjoy character to live ” the concept sets out, it is core with the city, collect stream, it is an axis with dweller, release urban future vitality continuously. And commonweal, also be to city and dweller pass on: The means that uses environmental protection lets a city become better; In offerring love course ” happy enjoy character to live ” , deliver the energy of love. (Be over)

金山娱乐 o主31661管

大上海网上娱乐 Area of new developed area of members of standing committee of Shanghai municipal Party committee, Pudong appoint clerical Weng Zuliang issues industry of place of fitness of first convenience inn, sports, hotel to the enterprise integrated licence. Huang Ri is read in photographing   new network Shanghai on July 31 report (Yu Mei of Li Shu a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale) Shanghai Pudong new developed area issues first上海南美水疗有没有做 trade 31 days ” integrated licence ” . Here the government expresses, this action is Pudong leads foretaste to nod in chinese mainland ” one course of study one card ” , advance industry admittance to examine and approve reform. “One course of study one card ” reform is namely in the past an industry many examine and approve item conformity to be a piece of licence. Break solution company not only once ” 上海温泉浴场双人admittance forbids battalion ” difficult problem, the speed that manages card and advantage are spent 上海闵行海之威大浴场电话all can promote considerably. Rose 2015, pudong new developed area takes the lead in beginning in China ” card illuminates depart ” reform is pilot, effect duplicates in China apparently promotion.  Shanghai Pudong new developed area issues first trade 31 days ” integrated licence ” . Accordingly the government expresses, this action is Pudong leads foretaste to nod in chinese mainland ” one course of study one card ” , advance industry admittance to examine and approve reform. Huang Ri reads government of the Pudong that photograph   to express, of instantly ” one course of study one card ” reform is ” card illuminates depart ” of reform deepen and continue, the target is to want from ” it is a center with the branch ” single item refor松江ktv便宜m, change direction ” it is a center with the e上海嘉上海青浦花中花ktv定水磨会所nterprise ” do ” a thing ” business flow is revolutionary give somebody a new lease on life. “It is in order to open a convenience store exemple, past enterprise obtains business license outside, obtain 5 pieces of license even, include food safety license of sale of appliance of license, nicotian and monopolistic license, medicine. ” according to service center of company of Shanghai Pudong new developed area director Jiang Gongjun introduces, “One course of study one card ” after reform, the enterprise facilitates in Pudong open inn, need to deal with licence of a piece of integrated industry to be able to begin market operation only. Time handling card also from legal 95 weekday are cut to 5 weekday. This action also allows a company from repeatedly ” fill out a form make a list ” in liberate come out. It is in order to open convenience store exemple, jiang Gongjun expresses, need filled in in the past 9 pieces of form, need 1 piece only now; 313 when need fills in fill out a form element also cut it is 98; The data that needs preparation also decreases from 53 reach 10. Express according to Pudong government, “One course of study one card ” reform is in at present place of fitness o上海上南路按摩店f convenience inn, sports, guesthouse, restaurant, small meal, make Xiaoshang showing carry out now shop, carbonado earth up inn / bakery, cafes / cafes, bar, drugstore the try out inside 10 industries. That day, the delegate of small shop of heart of Wei of hotel of marquis of a person of extraordinary powers of Lu Neng JW10000, trillion, Su Ning obtains hair China first ” the industry is integrated licence ” , become ” one course of study one card ” of reform ” have a taste of what is just in season person ” . “Built a such public houses in the past, need obtains the ten industries license such as fire control, public security, wholesome, food, groovy time handling card needs 2 to 3 months. ” Sun Mingfeng of executive trustee of branch of Shanghai of Lu Neng group, general manager is accepted when interviewing, express, the time handling card nowadays is compressed 2 weeks of less than, “Origi青浦足浴nal plan on September 20 the new public house of practice, arrived ahead of schedule now on August 8. ” area of new developed area of members of standing committee of   Shanghai municipal Party committee, Pudong appoint clerical Weng Zuliang attends a news briefing, issue industry of place of浦东商务ktv招聘 fitness of first convenience inn, sports, hotel integrated licence. (Be over)



   Zhong Xin Wang Shang Hai 7 Yue 10 Ri Dian ( Sun Guo Gen Qin Xiao Jian Chen Jing ) Ji Zhe 10 Ri Huo Xi , Fu Dan Da Xue Fu Shu Zhong Liu Yi Yuan Mi Niao Nan Sheng Zhi Xi Tong Zhong Liu Duo Xue Ke Zong He Zhen Zhi Tuan Dui Shou Xi Zhuan Jia Ye Din奉贤尧尧足浴g Wei Jiao Shou He Zhu Yao Jiao Shou Lv Ling De Lin Chuang Yan Jiu Tuan Dui , Li Jing 4 Nian Jian Ku Yan Jiu , Zhong Yu Hui Chu Zhong Guo Gao Zhi Si Xing Qian Lie Xian Ai Ji Yin Tu Pu , Bing Fa Xian , Zhong Guo Zhuan Yi Xing Qian Lie Xian Ai Huan Zhe Zhong Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Tu Bian Lv Wei 12%。

   Ju Xi , Zhe Yang De Ji Yin Tu Pu Ci Qian Wei You Bao Dao 。 Gai Cheng Guo Dui Zhong Guo Qian Lie Xian Ai De Jing Zhun Fang Zhi Ce Lue You Zhong Yao Zhi Dao Yi Yi 。 Yan Jiu Cheng Guo Yi Fa Biao Zai Zui Xin Yi Qi Guo Ji Quan Wei Qi Kan 《 Ou Zhou Mi Niao Wai Ke Xue 》 (《European Urology》) Shang 。    

   Ye Ding Wei Biao Shi , Yu Qi Ta E Xing Shi Ti Zhong Liu Xiang Bi , Qian Lie Xian Ai Ju You Ju Da De Ge Ti Cha Yi 。 Jin Guan Da Duo Shu Qian Lie Xian Ai “ Xiang Dui Wen He ”, Dan Shi Qi Zhong Ye Qian Cang Zhuo Yi Bu Fen Xiong Meng Lei Xing 。 Bi Ru , Xie Dai Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Zhi Bing Tu Bian De Qian Lie 上海市徐汇有推油的地方吗 Xian Ai E Xing Cheng Du Gao , Qie Dui Xian Xing Zhi Liao Fang Fa Fan Ying Bu Jia , Zhi Si Lv Gao , Zhe Zhong Lei Xing Bei Cheng Wei Gao Zhi Si Xing Qian Lie Xian Ai 。

   Ye Ding Wei Zhi Chu , Zhong Guo Qian Lie Xian Ai Huan Zhe Ji Yin Bian Yi Te Zheng , You Qi Shi Zui Shou Guan Zhu De DNA Xiu Fu Xiang Guan大理普陀温泉酒店 Ji Yin Pei Xi Bian Yi Bi Li , Yi Ji Qi Yu Xi Fang Huan Zhe Cha Yi De Yan Jiu Chang Qi Chu Yu Kong Bai Jie Duan 。 Wei Liao Tu Po Zhe Yi Ping Jing , Ye Ding Wei Lv Ling Lin Chuang Yan Jiu Tuan Dui Kai Zhan Liao Ji Yu Da 金山海尚会桑拿Yang Ben Zhong Guo Qian Lie Xian Ai Ren Qun De Yan Jiu , Zhong Hui Zhi Chu Liao Zhong Guo Gao Zhi Si Xing Qian Lie Xian Ai Ji Yin Tu Pu , Ji Zhong Guo Qian Lie Xian Ai Huan Zhe Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Tu Bian Pu 。

   Ta Men De Yan Jiu Fa Xian , Zhong Guo Zhuan Yi Xing Qian Lie Xian Ai Huan Zhe Zhong Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Tu Bian Lv Wei 12%, Zao Qi Ju Xian Xing Qian Lie Xian Ai Huan Zhe Zhong Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Tu Bian Lv Wei 8.1%。 Gai Yan Jiu Huan Zheng Shi , Sui Ran Zhong Xi Fang Qian Lie Xian Ai Fa Bing Lv Cha Yi Jiao Da , Dan Huan Zhe Zhong Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Tu Bian De Gao Zhi Si Xing Qian Lie Xian Ai Bi Li Ze Yu Ou Mei Ren Qun Xian上海黄浦区ktv夜总会g Fang 。

   Ye Ding Wei Shuo , Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Tu Bian Shi Ke Yi Chuan De Tu Bian , Ke Dao Zhi Fa Sheng Qian Lie Xian Ai 、 Ru Xian Ai 、 Luan Chao Ai Deng E Xing Zhong Liu De Feng Xian Zeng Jia 。 Yin Ci , Ming Que Zhong Guo Qian Lie Xian Ai Huan Zhe Pei Xi DNA Xiu Fu Ji Yin Tu Bian Pu , Bing Zhun Que Shi Bie Tu Bian Xie Dai Zhe , Dui Jian Li Jia Ting De Yu Fang Ce Lue 、 Zao Zhen Zao Zhi , Fang Zhi Qian Lie Xian Ai Yi Ji Xiang Guan E Xing Zhong Liu You Zhong Yao Yi Yi 。

   Zhe Wei Zhuan Jia Biao Shi , Tong Guo Zao Qi Shi Bie , You Zhu Yu Zhao Dao Ji Bing “ Fa Zhan Xiong Meng上海青浦铂尔曼大酒店 ” De Tu Bian Xie Dai Zhe , Bing Qie Ke Yi You Ji Hui Can Jia PARP Yi Zhi Ji 、 Mian Yi Zhi Liao Deng Duo Xiang Ge Ti Ding Zhi De Lin Chuang Shi Yan , Rang Mei Ge Gao Du E Xing De Huan Zhe Zai Chu Zhen Ji Ke Huo De Zui Jia De Jing Zhun Zhi Liao , Er Bu Shi Zai “ Biao Zhun Fang An ” Zhi Liao Xia Deng Dai Ji Bi上海普陀足浴招人ng De Jin Zhan 。
Zhu : Qing Zai Zhuan Zai Wen Zhang Nei Rong Shi Wu Bi Zhu Ming Chu Chu !    Bian Ji : Chen Jing